Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Previously Discarded Poem

(Sort of) - Originally written 25 July 2012

   What does my music sound like? What is the tune that seeps from my every orifice regardless of the words I am intentionally forming with my teeth and lips and tongue. What do people know of my soul from the melody filling the air, just below audible range, but subconsciously recognized… what are the words and notes, tones and rhythms of my song. Is is harmonious or chaotic discord? Is it truly music or merely noise? If I could detect it myself would I choose to play it on repeat through the computer speakers for days on end? Would I dance, or laugh or cry? Or maybe just plug my ears and wait for it to end. Click “Next”. Is my song catchy in that annoying ‘wish-I-had-never-heard-it’ sort of way, or does it tell a story with it’s sudden changes and lack of refrain… Am I a ballad, dance or mellow elevator jam? Do I go on too long or end too soon? Are there other voices singing along, intermingling themselves with my song. Harmonies? People so intertwined with my identity that their essence can be heard as a subtle subtext to the song… perhaps as a haunting bridge or a captivating guitar rift.

What do I sound like to those who aren’t really listening?

(At least not with their ears…)

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