Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Morning Smiles

Saturday mornings around these parts are for things like teddy bears, string cheese and Mommies old hats.  Every single toy we own must be removed from their nighttime hiding places and strewn across the floor.

   We have no need for things as trivial as pants on Saturdays. 

On Saturdays we snuggle, and jump and run. We tickle and laugh. 

Sometimes we whine... even cry, for a moment. But it always passes quickly. 

Daddy naps and Mommy takes hundreds of blurry pictures... pictures of me while I play. Lots of my hair and my feet. I'm not quite sure what that is all about, but as long as I can have my bear...

...and my books, and my drum and all the things with wheels.

The toys that make noise and the ones that don't. 

Saturdays we dance. On Saturdays... the music, it plays for hours and hours.

The sunshine leaks into our windows from every side of the house. Everywhere we go it is light. It makes it hard for me to hide. But I don't mind...

...because I like to be found. 

Saturdays are my favorite, because on Saturdays I get to run around while my parents wind down. It's all about cuddles on the couch and kisses all around.

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